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Meta Therm Furnace Private Limited an avant-garde Spare Parts Manufacturers Exporters and Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Wide Range of Spare Parts We offer

Blower: We manufacture a wide range of centrifugal fans to suit the number of industrial applications. Centrifugal Blowers are well-engineered and having high efficiency incorporating all the latest technologies.

Being the heart of Blower, Impeller is suitably designed for the required combination of air quantity and air pressure for various applications. We manufacture Impellers as per requirements. An impeller is duly machined after careful fabrication and statically & dynamically balanced for minimum sound level and vibration.

Electric Motor: We can supply container loads at a very competitive price.

Controller: We incorporate controllers in our furnaces & ovens can supply ON/ OFF, single set point, Single ramp & Soak, 2 Set point, PID, Profile PID controller.

Thyristor: We can supply both SCR and SCR thyristor as well as SCR and Diode Thyristor.

Recorder: We can supply a single / 2 pen strip chart recorder, 8 channel temp recorder with PC output as well as a PC interface.

Sensor: We manufacture Thermocouple as well as RTD sensors.

Heating Element: We can supply heating elements of a coil as well as strip type of both Ni/ Cr as well as of Kanthal A1. For temp up to 300 deg C, we can supply heater of Rod types having U / L shapes.

Insulation: Insulation of Rockwool, Mineral Wool, Ceramic fibre & others can be provided at an excellent rate for the Bulk requirement.

MTF a prominent Spare Parts Manufacturers Exporters and Suppliers based in India, Place your enquiry now.

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